Will Brown is all set and looking forward to an exciting and historic opening round of the first ever S5000 Racing series, at Sandown Raceway in Victoria, this weekend.

The first event of the so called ‘big bangers’ follows a successful test at Victoria’s Phillip Island circuit where Brown completed a number of laps in the new high powered, ‘wings and slicks V8 powered beast’ alongside ex Ferrari Formula 1 legend Rubens Barrichello who is also competing in the series.

It was the first time TCR Series leader Will Brown had driven his Egglestone Motorsport S5000 car and he also said that the car was difficult on cold tyres.

“I loved it the car, it is an absolute beast and is just mean, you couldn’t build a meaner car if they asked you to,” he said.

“The first session was scary as! The car is a beast, I was actually frightened to go back out the second time, it is hard to scrub the new tyre, but once you actually did that it was good,”

“Once they (the tyres) get bedded in and get a heat cycle through them, get the wax off, they seem to be pretty good.”

Temperatures at the inaugural S5000 round this weekend at Sandown are expected to be cold and will likely cause challenges for the drivers.

The S5000 car's chassis is based on a FIA-compliant Formula 3 bespoke chassis manufactured by French motorsport company Onroak-Ligier. The car uses a 5.0-litre naturally-aspirated quad-cam Ford Coyote V8 that is modified by InnoV8, and has an output of 560 hp (420 kW; 570 PS) and 460 lb⋅ft (620 N⋅m) of torque. All of the power is driven by a 6-speed gearbox by Holinger. Holinger also supplies the transaxle. The suspension set and the wing package are supplied by Borland Racing Developments, and are then fabricated by Garry Rogers Motorsport, who also perform the assembly of the S5000 car. The tires are supplied by Hoosier Racing Tire.

The S5000 car has been certified by the FIA under the 2018 safety certification

The races will be broadcast live, free and in HD on SBS, or via the Shannons Nationals live stream.